About Us

In 2018, a serendipitous encounter changed the course of my life. During an internship interview, I met a bright and overqualified young lady from Colombia. She was smart, friendly, and charismatic, but her journey to employment in Utah was marred by language barriers and a less-than-remarkable resume.

It struck a chord with me. A decade prior, I had navigated the challenges of relocating to Utah and job hunting. Drawing from my own experiences, I recognized the transformative power of a well-crafted resume. Determined to make a difference, I offered to revamp her resume, convinced that with a polished document, she could unlock opportunities more aligned with her qualifications.

As the pieces fell into place, she secured a fantastic job, and the seeds of MioDocs were sown.

MioDocs was born out of the belief that everyone deserves a chance to showcase their true potential. Our mission is to empower professionals and businesses by providing exceptional document templates that elevate their presence and open doors to success.

Founder, MioDocs