The Complete Guide to Google Docs Resume Templates

The Complete Guide to Google Docs Resume Templates

In the world of job search and career aspirations, a standout resume is essential. With Google Docs, you have a dynamic and versatile tool to build your resume. Add to that a Google Docs resume template and you’ll be ready to begin this resume-building adventure in no time. In this article, you’ll learn how to take advantage of these tools to complete your masterpiece of a resume that’ll get you the job interviews and the career treasures you’re seeking.

Pros of Using Google Docs to Build Your Resume

Google Docs is the most popular online word processor available, and arguably the best. Creating, sharing, and collaborating on documents, such as your resume, is made extremely easy with Google Docs. There are many benefits to using Google Docs to build your resume. Let's explore a few:

  • Resume Templates: Choose from a variety of eye-catching resume templates to save you time and make your application shine. Google only offers a few free ones, but there are many great options out there.
  • Effortless Formatting: Customize fonts, colors, and layouts with ease, creating a polished and professional look. Plus you can pick from a large selection of free Google Fonts without needing to install them to your devices, a complication you face with Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, and other desktop word processors.
  • Cloud-based Convenience: Access and edit your resume from any device, anywhere, ensuring your work is always within reach. This can be a lifesaver.
  • Seamless Collaboration: Share your resume with others for feedback or collaborative editing, making it a team effort.
  • Cost-Free Solution: Enjoy all these incredible features without spending a penny. It’s free.

Cons of Using Google Docs to Build Your Resume

While Google Docs resume templates offer convenience and ease of use, it's important to acknowledge that like all software, it has its limitations. Advanced designs may require skill and creativity to overcome these challenges. Additionally, internet dependence issues may pose challenges. While Google Docs allows you to work offline by enabling the offline mode, its functionality and features are somewhat limited compared to the online version. Finally, if privacy and data security are concerns, storing your resume in the cloud may not be ideal.

Should You Use a Google Docs Resume Template

Yes, if you want to get build an awesome resume and you want it done in a jiffy. Google Docs resume templates are indeed a great choice. These templates are on par with, if not better than Microsoft Word resume templates and are much easier to customize. Exporting them as PDFs, which is often preferred, is seamlessly done in Google Docs. Your proficiency in using Google Docs and whether you can benefit from its core features should help you determine if they’re the right choice for you.

Where to Find FREE Google Docs Resume Templates

There are not a lot of free Google Docs resume templates out there. You’ll find various websites purporting to offer them, but after some perusing, you’ll realize that they are exact copies of Google’s very own templates from the Google Docs Template Gallery. So, here are the only two sources I’ve found.

  1. Google Docs Template Gallery
  2. The freebies at MioDocs

Where to Buy Professionally Designed Google Docs Resume Templates

There are a few places where you can buy professional Google Docs resume templates. Here are a few:

  1. MioDocs, of course ;)
  2. You can also search the term “Google Docs Resume Template” on Etsy, Creative Market, and your search engine of choice. But, be sure to watch out for templates or generators that say they are made in Google Docs format but they’re not, or templates that were built using Word and were just quickly converted to Google Docs since these often suffer some formatting issues during conversion. 

How to Use a Google Docs Resume Template

  1. Go to Google Docs. Sign in if you haven’t already.
  2. Using Google Docs Template Gallery
    1. Click on "Template Gallery" and browse the collection of free resume templates.
    2. Choose one that features a clean and professional layout that has all or most of the sections you need. It should also resonate with your style and industry.
    3. Google doesn’t offer many options, but below I’ll share some free and paid Google Docs resume templates that I recommend.
  3. Using a professionally designed Google Docs Template you buy from shops
    1. Follow the instructions from the downloadable you purchased. Often these share with you a link that directs you to a page where you can make a copy of the Google Docs resume template document to your Google Drive. Once you copy it, I recommend you copy it a second time and start working with the second copy. This way you’ll have the original to reference. See where to buy them here.
  1. Customize the Content:
  1. Replace the existing content with your information, such as contact details, work experience, education, and skills. I got some tips on this further below.
  1. Format and Design
    Fine-tune the formatting, fonts, and colors to match your preferences.
  1. Fine-tune with collaborators
  1. Click on the "Share" button to invite mentors, friends, and coworkers to collaborate and provide feedback on your resume.
  2. Incorporate Feedback: Review the suggestions and edits from your collaborators, and make appropriate improvements to enhance your resume.
  1. Export as a PDF
  1. Once you're satisfied, export it as a PDF for easy sharing with potential employers. To do this, on the Google Docs document, go to File > Download > PDF Document (.pdf). You can choose where to save it to your computer and maybe you’ll want to save it to your Google Drive as well to have it more accessible on the go.

Resume Template Design Matters

Good resume design is crucial. Avoid fancy fonts, excessive colors, and complex graphics that distract from your content. Don't clutter your resume with irrelevant details or inconsistent formatting. Keep it simple, clean, and easy to navigate. Remember, a well-designed resume highlights your key skills and experiences, guiding the reader through your career path. Stick to a balanced mix of fonts, spacing, and colors for a visually appealing and reader-friendly document. With a thoughtfully designed resume, you'll confidently steer toward new career opportunities.

Should You Use a Resume Template with a Photo

Although there are great templates, even Google Docs resume templates with photos out there, please think twice before using them. In most situations, it's best to exclude a photo of yourself from your resume. Hiring decisions should focus on qualifications, skills, and experience rather than appearance. Plus they can be distracting, take up space, and mess up the applicant tracking systems (ATS). Exceptions may include specific roles like modeling or acting, or when applying in countries where it's common. In most cases, though, it's best to let your qualifications shine through your written content rather than a photo.

Some Resume Writing Tips

  1. Include a Clear Objective: A concise objective statement showcases your career goals and helps employers understand your aspirations.
  2. Highlight Experience: Prioritizing relevant work experience demonstrates your expertise and achievements in previous roles, making a strong case for your qualifications. But if you have less experience, leading with education and your accomplishments there is the way to go.
  3. Strategic Keywords: Incorporating industry-specific keywords helps your resume align with the desired qualifications, making it more likely to pass through applicant tracking systems (ATS).
  4. Quantify Achievements: Using numbers to quantify accomplishments adds credibility and demonstrates the impact you made in previous roles.
  5. Showcase Skills: Highlighting key skills, both technical and soft, ensures employers quickly identify the valuable contributions you can bring to the job.
  6. Conciseness: Keeping the resume concise and relevant makes it easier for employers to quickly assess your qualifications and prevents overwhelming them with excessive information.

Our Best Google Docs Resume Template Examples

No article on Google Docs resume templates would be complete without showcasing some examples, both free and paid. Let's dive into five standout Google Docs resume templates from MioDocs that are sure to elevate your job application to the next level.

John Muir Google Docs Resume Template (CODE: FREEBIE)

Alexander Hamilton Google Docs Resume Template (CODE: FREEBIE)

Mila Friedman Google Docs Resume Template (Most Popular 🤩)

Nicole Tesla Google Docs Resume Template

Ryan Rand Google Docs Resume Template

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