The Best PREMIUM Google Docs Resume Templates of 2018

If you want to get that job, your resume needs to stand out in the crowd. There are a ton of FREE Google Docs resume templates out there that just don't make the cut. So we compiled for you a list of the top ten Premium google docs resumes templates of 2018.

A recent study found that HR managers receive about 250 resumes per job opening. That’s a lot of paper. So if you want to get that job, your resume needs to stand out in the crowd.

But let’s face it, designing a killer resume is easier said than done—especially if you’re starting from scratch. So before you go to battle with a word doc, consider using a Google Docs resume template instead.

Using a template as a framework to build your resume will save you a lot of time (and probably your sanity too). There are a lot of templates out there, but some are better—and more user-friendly—than others. Our suggestion? Go with a Google Docs resume template. They are easy to find and even easier to edit. You don't even need to install a program (think MS Word) and nifty fonts that are not already overused.

Here’s the best part. We did the first step for you. Here's our list of The Best PREMIUM Google Docs Resumes Templates of 2018.


Google Docs Resume Template from UpWardDesigns
Google Docs Resume Template from DesignStudioTeti
Google Docs Resume Template by ModernTasteDesigns
Jane Doe Google Docs Resume Template by RebelQuinn


    Are we missing any top google docs resume templates? If you know of a great template that should be added to our list, share it with us in the comments below. You can also vote up (+1) the ones in the comments below. Either way, we'll consider your input towards updating this list of the best Google Docs Resume Templates of 2018.

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