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Custom Services for Shelley DeJager - 190423

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Professional services to be fulfilled according to the requests and terms explained in the conversation below:

Hey Joel!

I have a potential job for you. How much would you charge me to take this document and put it into Googledocs? I have an editable .psd file I can send to you so you can grab all the content. Substituted fonts are fine. I'm even ok with a different layout. I just need an easier way to update and edit. I can send the logo and color numbers too if you need them.

Let me know!

Hi, Shelley,

Thanks for thinking of me for this project. I'm honored. The answer is Yes, I can do this for you.

I charge $85 per hour. With the information you have given me, I believe this would take a total of two billable hours, and I would have it to you in two working days. So it would be $170 total, which I charge up-front to kickoff the project.

Scope changes that result in additional work would be billed at the same hourly rate, but we would discuss and agree on any additional work before I bill you and proceed with the work.

To be transparent, though my rate is about average with designers/professional services of my skill/experience level, you might be able to get this project done for less by working with someone from or You might want to look there first. But if you'd like me to do it, I would be delighted and honored, and will certainly put my heart into delivering my best work and services to you.

If you'd like to proceed with me, I can put together a custom order through and send you a private link for you to place the order.

Please let me know how you'd like to proceed. I will appreciate the honesty and feedback either way.




Hi Joel,

I’ve uploaded files.
I put all of the copy in a Word doc to make your job easier. I included a pdf of the sample version just so you can see how the information is displayed. I thought this would be easier than giving you the psd. But let me know if you’d like that file too.
  • I add some “Timeline” copy to the Word doc that’s not in the sample version.
  • I included both logos
  • I included our fonts and colors. Substitute fonts that are similar as required.
  • Try to stick to Stoa colors if possible.
I’m paying the invoice now. Can’t wait to see how great you make this look!